SAFSMS Reseller Program



Interested in making money? Or perhaps you want to be able to provide schools with reliable, efficient, customizable, robust and cost effective school management software? Our reseller program has been designed with you in mind. SAFSMS reseller program seeks to create opportunities for individuals and companies to earn money from sales and installation of SAF School Management Software (SAFSMS). SAFSMS has evolved for over 5 years to a point where it is difficult for schools to resist such a product. Schools do not have to make compromises as SAFSMS can be tailored to meet any school’s need. We will equip you with all the information and materials you need to start making sales. However, before you go further, we recommend you to go through SAFSMS site in order to understand why SAFSMS is unique and different from other school management solutions. Make sure you read through the blog entries and try the demo extensively.

Enrol in the Program

Companies and individuals are welcome to become SAFSMS resellers. We have three types of membership plans, they are:

  • Silver (Individual)
  • Gold (Individual)
  • Platinum (Company)

Silver membership qualifies a reseller to sell SAFSMS; an individual in this category is not responsible for installation and therefore enjoys only sales benefits. A Gold membership qualifies a reseller to sell and install SAFSMS; individuals with this membership type enjoy both sales and installation benefits. Platinum membership plan is available for companies/organizations who are interested in becoming SAFSMS reseller. Platinum members are allowed to recruit and train their own team for the purpose of selling and installing SAFSMS. Interested individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • Higher Institution Diploma/Degree
  • Fluent in English
  • Have good communication skills

Any company who wants to become a reseller must meet the requirements below in addition to ensuring that their sales team meet the requirements for individual resellers:

  • A mature business (minimum 2 years)
  • A valid business license
  • Extensive knowledge of the SAFSMS market segment
  • Business web address
  • Two business references

Click HERE to apply for the SAFSMS Reseller Program and take advantage of the many benefits and opportunities that will come your way as we work together to serve your customers.

Membership Benefits

Access to Leads & Sales Assistance

  • Pre-qualified leads. Automatically receive qualified leads prioritized by your region, program level and certification level. Notification of leads are e-mailed with a link to your personalized Reseller Program portal where they can be viewed and registered (“claimed”).
  • Volume Discount. Back-end rebates available for achieving volume requirements.
  • Reseller Locator. State reseller lookup, prioritized by program and certification level (higher qualified resellers listed first to reward commitment).
  • Not For Resale Units. NFR units are available at a significant discount to Resellers and their employees, allowing you to benefit from FlexiSAF products at work and home.

Effective Communications

  • Periodic e-mails. This is not spam, but valuable information requested by our Resellers. Includes special announcements, applicable alliance deals, updated Q&A and sales tools.
  • Reseller program phone numbers. You can talk to the Reseller Program Manager if you need to know anything about the Reseller Program, have any problems or suggestions. On-line Portal Resource
  • Competitive Analysis. Review the latest matrix that shows how SAFSMS compare to the competition. Great resource if you’re in a competitive bid.
  • PDF Product Spec sheets. Download and print or e-mail to your client.
  • Sales tools. Download professional sample ad, postcard or e-mail templates to jump start your own regional promotional campaign.
  • White papers & case studies. Great when a client needs some technical convincing.
  • Sales presentations. Download, personalize and present—with professionally created PowerPoint presentations you are ready to sell.
  • Brand leverage. Review branding guidelines, logo usage and leverage the SAFSMS brand to enhance your image.
  • Market information. Learn market trends to determine which verticals to target, what they prefer and more.
  • Personalized portal. View all your rebates, leads, registered accounts and personal information within your own personalized portal.

Tech & Sales Support & Training

  • FREE Training. Get up to speed on the product, sales approach and installation.
  • Certification. Register for our certification program to become expert at all aspects of SAFSMS. This additional qualification entitles you to additional margins to reward you for your commitment.
  • Dedicated Reseller Tech Support. Call and go straight to the top of the queue for quick tech support.

Sales and Marketing Resources

  • SAFSMS Fliers
  • SAFSMS Proposal Template
  • SAFSMS Overview Slides
  • SAFSMS Manual

SAFSMS Cost and Incentives for Resellers

  • The initial cost of SAFSMS is  N500,000. This cost covers the following:
    • SAFSMS Package
    • SAFSMS Setup and Installation
    • SAFSMS Training
  • SAFSMS comes with a license and support fee of N40,000 per term which includes free upgrades
  • The incentives for partners is 15% of SAFSMS cost for Silver partners and 30% of SAFSMS cost for Gold and Platinum partners. In monetary value, a Silver partner gets N75,000 for each unit of SAFSMS sold. Gold and Platinum partners gets N150,000 for each unit of SAFSMS sold and installed.