School Records Management

Taking charge of a school involves being accountable for not only broad decision-making, such as curriculum standards and hiring guidelines, but also for the seemingly endless number of records that must be kept. Every time an action is taken, from disciplining a student to paying for new construction, that event must be accurately recorded. It is equally important to record certain types of non-actions as well, such as a parent’s failure to respond to a letter from the school.

A software-based school records management system automates and streamlines most of this process, making it easier to keep records clean, complete, organized, and easy to retrieve.

What Is a Software-Based School Records Management System?

A software-based school records management system helps teachers, administrators, and support staff streamline their daily duties. You can easily note whatever happens in the classroom, the school office, or anywhere in the facility. With just a few clicks, authorized users can pull a student’s entire history, track the school’s accounting, all of the transactions affiliated with a remodeling project, or even a history of the school’s special events or fundraisers.

It is even possible to fully integrate student and employee ID cards with a school records management system. Scanning IDs as people enter and leave the building allows accurate tracking of students and employees throughout the day, and provides more complete time management records.

Who Does Software-Based School Records Management Benefit?

Accurate, streamlined school records management is crucial for all stakeholders. Administrators can track everything that happens within the school to improve budget decisions, staffing issues, and student management needs. Teachers can access detailed reports on individual students and their classes as a whole to identify potential areas of concern. Students and parents can access individual records to find discrepancies and note issues that should be addressed.

What Are the Advantages?

Software-based school records management systems carry a number of advantages over traditional recordkeeping options. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Automated record keeping
  • Improved record organization
  • Ability to pull reports at the individual, classroom, grade, and school-wide levels
  • Simplified and batch coding for certain types of common records


SAFSMS is a fully-integrated suite of powerful school management tools. The software is designed to promote teacher, parent, and student involvement with the school, and to reduce workload at every level. SAFSMS boosts efficiency, increases transparency, improves morale, and eliminates many of the most tedious tasks associated with running a school. It is quite simply the best school management software in Nigeria.

SAFSMS was designed by FlexiSAF, a software company with more than 10 years of educational software experience. It was highlighted at Google’s 2012 G-Nigeria event, and is currently deployed at approximately 300 schools.

We invite you to start with a free demo, and then sign up for one of three different subscription levels, depending on your school’s needs. If you are ready to take the first steps toward easier, better, time-saving school records management, or fully integrated school management solutions, we invite you to contact us today to learn how we can help!