SAFSMS School Management Software User Videos 

How to send SMS reports to Parents on School Management Software

Wondering how to send reports to parents using School Management Software? You now have the options of sending them via SMS or email directly using SAF School Management Software. See how it's done in this video. Find out more:

Generate students results with SAFSMS (School Management Software):

A new and easy way to generate students results on SAFSMS School Management Software. The results are processed in the background and sent to your email as soon as it’s completed! First, as an admin/teacher , you set an email to receive the results and SAVE Then, in the View Results section, generate any of the following results: Broadsheet Report - Per Class Class Level Broadsheet Cumulative Broadsheet Class Level Cumulative Broadsheet AND All Students Report Sheet under Comments Based Result Finally, SAFSMS School Management Software processes the results in the background and sends to the email address. Just check your email. SIMPLE! Visit for more information

Create New Term on SAFSMS (School Management Software)

Here's your step by step guide to set up the School Management Software for the term. The new term must be created before creating the new records. Finally, you will be ready to start inputing student records. For more info on SAF School Management Software, visit For a quick and easy demo, visit

Users Review - Usability of SAF School Management Software

The users of SAF School Management Software review some of the features that make their school activities run more seamlessly and reduce workload. ___________________________________________________________________ For a free demonstration of SAF School management Software, visit For more information on SAFSMS Features, visit

Flexisaf CEO - Faiz Bashir on ICT in Nigeria

In this latest interview with Silverbird TV, Flexisaf's CEO Faiz Bashir talks about the current status of Information Technology in Nigeria, Flexisaf's role as a Software Technology company in the ICT industry and some challenges

The Rugga Story - By FlexiSAF Foundation

FlexiSAF Foundation came across a child named Abba begging for Alms on a weekday afternoon. Because of the Foundation's interest in Out-of-school children, they followed his story and were touched to learn about his condition and that of many other children in his small community, Rugga. With the intervention of FlexiSAF Foundation, Abba and tons of other children in his community now go to school and are getting closer to their dreams. But over 10million Nigerian children remain Out-of-School. What can we do to help them? Visit to find out more and to support the cause by volunteering or donating now!

E-Learning Video on Safety Guidelines - Quality Check

Thank you for choosing to watch this video & help us run a quick quality check. Kindly visit to complete the short feedback survey, after watching this video. Regards, The E-Learning Team FlexiSAF

ChasteVille School reviews SAF School management Software (SAFSMS)

The proprietress of Chasteville School, lagos was happy to tell us all about their experience with SAF School management Software (SAFSMS). SAF School management Software manages students and staff records, computes assessments unique to each school, school fees and payroll, timetable, club, clinic, etc. For a free demo of SAF School management Software, visit

SAFSMS Mobile App- School Management Software

SAFSMS School Management Software is now available for teachers and school administrators on mobile devices. You can now also communicate with parents and manage school records at your convenience with the all new SAFSMS School Management Software Mobile App. To download the SAFSMS School Management Software Mobile App on google play store, go to

Mobile School Management Software

The No.1 School management Software has gone mobile! SAFSMS is a simple, affordable and flexible School Management Software that allows parents, teachers and school admin work together to boost performance in schools. To download SAF School Management Software, go to Google Play: