SAFSMS School Management Software User Videos 

Educonnect 1.0 FlexiSAF & Morphgen Invite - Africa Community School

We're excited to introduce Educonnect; a one-of-a-kind community building and workshop event for Educators taking place in Abuja on 24th of May 2019. Venue is Africa Community School, Asokoro.

Professional Development for Teachers Webinar: Career Path

Part 2/3. In this session, Mrs Paulina Pam(TRCN) describes in detail the career path for teachers and what they need to do to reach the pinnacle of their career.

FlexiSAF Product Showcase by Faiz Bashir at TC Townhall

At the TC Townhall event, CEO Faiz Bashir discusses the rapid change in technology and the impact on education. He raised some thoughtful questions that you might want to answer or share your thoughts about in the comment section. 1. How are we preparing the next generation to meet up with the global challenges? 2. Are we ready for technological advancement or we would rather stick to our traditional ways? 3. How prepared are we for the future? And gave some insightful tips on what we should focus on.

SAFSMS Parents App | School Management Software | School-Parent Communications

The SAF School Management Software now has an app for the Parents Module. In addition to the great benefits of SAF School Management Software, It allows parents make convenient & secure secure payments, give insights on their ward(s) school activities and also view and download their report cards at the end of the term. Parents with kids in schools that are already subscribed to the SAF School Management Software (SAFSMS) can download the app and login using their existing web login details. Available on Google play store: Visit for more information.

Users Review - Schools Review SAF School Management Software

Staff At Sanctus Lumen Christi School and Nurul Bayan School tell us all about their experience using SAF School Management Software. Nurul Bayan School has been using SAFSMS for 8years and we are proud to have delivered excellent service to the users Since Sanctus Lumen Christi switched from manual methods of result computation and compilation, SAFSMS has been successful in easing their workload by automating their activities. The also enjoy easy navigation, user friendly interface, data availability, useful self help functions and efficient customer support. ___________________________________________________________________ For a free demonstration of SAF School management Software, visit For more information on SAFSMS Features, visit For a free SAFSMS trial, visit

Activating Success With Faiz Bashir

On the Activating Success programme with Faiz Bashir, CEO FlexiSAF he shared his inspiring story of how his love for Mathematics metamorphosed into love for programming. Faiz is passionate about improving the quality of education in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa using technology. He is responsible for driving the company’s vision, overseeing product development and technology strategy. The programme was aired on Thursday, 8th October 2020 at 3.30pm on AIT DSTV Channel 253. Gotv Channel 93.

Professional Development for Teachers Webinar: Technology integration- A primer for 21st century

Part 3/3 Prof Isiaka Gambari discusses the effects of integrating technology in education.

Flexisaf CEO - Faiz Bashir on ICT in Nigeria

In this latest interview with Silverbird TV, Flexisaf's CEO Faiz Bashir talks about the current status of Information Technology in Nigeria, Flexisaf's role as a Software Technology company in the ICT industry and some challenges


A quick tour of the FlexiSAF head office situated at Garki, Abuja. A sneak peek at what life in FlexiSAF is like, the fun faces, departments and what we do. Want to join the team? Click here:

Seamless School Fees Collection and Management Webinar

Want to know the best way to collect and manage school fees? Watch as customer success expert, Makinwa Oladele shares tips and secrets on how to achieve that and more in this webinar. . There's a freebie up for grabs (T & C apply)