SAFSMS School Management Software User Videos 

How to Open Score Entry Timeframe

In this video, you'll learn how to open the score entry timeframe on the SAFSIMS platform

SAFrecords Paperless Senate - A new way for university senate proceedings (and academic board)

In the evolving landscape of tertiary institutions the push for efficiency is paramount. The Paperless Senate bridges the traditional senate processes in the universities and other institutions with innovative technology, ensuring meetings are not just effective but also environmentally friendly.

Early Years Assessment Configuration

In this video, you'll see how to configure early years assessment on the SAFSIMS platform. Visit to learn more about SAFSIMS

Behavioural Skills Assessment Configuration (skills & ratings)

In this video, you'll learn how to configure skills for student assessment on the SAFSIMS platform.

Tech Bro Series: Episode 2

"In your tech journey, you will be frustrated without passion" - Juliet Ochanya Ujah Don't miss the greatest secret Juliet Ochanya Ujah poured out on how to succeed in Tech Watch the second episode of our Tech Bro Series now and be sure to check the first episode if you haven't done so yet. #TechBroSeries #techstories #techbro #techsis #technology #FlexiSAF #tech #education #inspiration #motivation #customerassociates

SAFStars - The Backbone of FlexiSAF

Great employees are the backbone of all that we do at FlexiSAF. We've chosen to mark the Employees Appreciation Day & celebrate you, our amazing SAFstars, for all that you do. Your commitment to teamwork, excellence, and continuous growth is exceptional. We appreciate you always. #EmployeeAppreciationDay  #Education #FlexiSAF

VirtualSIMS: Your Key to Building a Virtual School

Dreaming of launching your virtual school or enhancing your teaching impact? Look no further than VirtualSIMS! This innovative platform is the key to realizing your educational aspirations. Experience the power of VirtualSIMS, where educators easily create, manage, and promote online classes. Improve your student enrollment and income as parents and learners easily discover and enroll in your customized learning programs. Discover the freedom to personalize your virtual school, curate your course catalog, schedule live or recorded sessions, engage students through real-time video conferencing and chat, monitor progress comprehensively, and much more—all within the VirtualSIMS ecosystem. Visit today to learn more.

SAFSERIES WEBINAR - How to Navigate and Maximize Fees Collection

In this webinar, we unveiled the secrets that will transform how you manage school fees collection process! Catch the recording now and join the community of schools revolutionizing education technology. #FlexiSAF #schools #education #edtech #webinar #safsims #collaboration #students #fees #schoolfees #technology #feemanagement #recording #educationrevolution

SAFSIMS: The Complete School Management Solution

Discover the ultimate all-in-one school management solution with SAFSIMS. Simplify administrative tasks and streamline operations with our software. Our innovative School Information Management System simplifies administrative tasks for teachers, principals, parents, and students for any secondary school anywhere anytime. For more information, visit us at: #SAFSIMS #schoolmanagement #flexiSAF #teachers #principals #educators #edtech #education #schoolmanagementsoftware #schoolsoftware #secondaryschools #secondaryschool #secondaryschoolsinnigeria #secondaryschoolsinghana #secondaryschoolsinkenya #schoolmanagementsoftwareinnigeria #schoolmanagementsoftwareinghana #schoolmanagementsoftwareinkenya

Subject Configuration (b)

Learn how to assign subjects to registered students on the SAFSIMS tutorial.