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SAFSMS Parent App- Parent School Communication

'SAFSMS Parents' lets schools keep parents updated with attendance, behavior, continuous assessment and assignments. Ease school fee payments or set reminders on school fees and other school activities to encourage collaboration. Visit for more info Visit for a FREE TRIAL

SAFSMS Mobile App- School Management Software

SAFSMS School Management Software is now available for teachers and school administrators on mobile devices. You can now also communicate with parents and manage school records at your convenience with the all new SAFSMS School Management Software Mobile App. To download the SAFSMS School Management Software Mobile App on google play store, go to

E-Learning Video on Safety Guidelines - Quality Check

Thank you for choosing to watch this video & help us run a quick quality check. Kindly visit to complete the short feedback survey, after watching this video. Regards, The E-Learning Team FlexiSAF

Mobile School Management Software

The No.1 School management Software has gone mobile! SAFSMS is a simple, affordable and flexible School Management Software that allows parents, teachers and school admin work together to boost performance in schools. To download SAF School Management Software, go to Google Play:

How to send SMS reports to Parents on School Management Software

Wondering how to send reports to parents using School Management Software? You now have the options of sending them via SMS or email directly using SAF School Management Software. See how it's done in this video. Find out more:

Best School Management Software Support

SAFSMS Support is always available to assist you. No need to slow down on your productive day, simply click the NEED HELP button in the SAFSMS app or call us on +2347079887123 We will help/resolve your issue ASAP and effectively. For more information, visit

Manage School finances with School Management Software (SAFSMS)

Managing school finances effectively is always challenging for school administrators. That's why we made it easy using SAF Accounts; The School Management Software Module. School Management Software (SAFSMS) computes school fees, staff payroll, petty cash & ledger, etc. Visit to learn more. For a quick and easy demo of the Best School Management Software, visit

Users Review - (In a Nutshell) SAF School Management Software

SAF School Management Software users talk about how pleased their schools are with the features and benefits they receive. SAF School management Software manages students and staff records, computes assessments unique to each school, school fees and payroll, timetable, club, clinic, etc. ___________________________________________________________________ For a free demonstration of SAF School management Software, visit For more information on SAFSMS Features, visit For a free SAFSMS trial, visit

Think it. Create it: Tagline video

Tomorrow's learning can never be like today's. "Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time." Rabindranath Tagore

Users Review - Customer Support for SAF School Management Software Customer Support -

The Staff at Nurul Bayan and Sanctus Lumen Christi Schools are very comfortable with using the SAF School Management Software because of the efficient and timely support received from our support staff. they tell us some of the instances where our Support Staff came to their aid. ___________________________________________________________________ For a free demonstration of SAF School management Software, visit For more information on SAFSMS Features, visit For a free SAFSMS trial, visit