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Users Review - Usability of SAF School Management Software

The users of SAF School Management Software review some of the features that make their school activities run more seamlessly and reduce workload. ___________________________________________________________________ For a free demonstration of SAF School management Software, visit For more information on SAFSMS Features, visit

How to Subscribe to the Best School Management Software (SAFSMS)

Now that you know a bit about our award winning SAF School Management Software, here's a step by step description on how to subscribe. Get a Free School Management Software Trial: Request for a quick and easy demo:

Create New Term on SAFSMS (School Management Software)

Here's your step by step guide to set up the School Management Software for the term. The new term must be created before creating the new records. Finally, you will be ready to start inputing student records. For more info on SAF School Management Software, visit For a quick and easy demo, visit

Mobile School Management Software

The No.1 School management Software has gone mobile! SAFSMS is a simple, affordable and flexible School Management Software that allows parents, teachers and school admin work together to boost performance in schools. To download SAF School Management Software, go to Google Play:

Users Review - Schools Review SAF School Management Software

Staff At Sanctus Lumen Christi School and Nurul Bayan School tell us all about their experience using SAF School Management Software. Nurul Bayan School has been using SAFSMS for 8years and we are proud to have delivered excellent service to the users Since Sanctus Lumen Christi switched from manual methods of result computation and compilation, SAFSMS has been successful in easing their workload by automating their activities. The also enjoy easy navigation, user friendly interface, data availability, useful self help functions and efficient customer support. ___________________________________________________________________ For a free demonstration of SAF School management Software, visit For more information on SAFSMS Features, visit For a free SAFSMS trial, visit

E-Learning Video on Safety Guidelines - Quality Check

Thank you for choosing to watch this video & help us run a quick quality check. Kindly visit to complete the short feedback survey, after watching this video. Regards, The E-Learning Team FlexiSAF

Educonnect 1.0 FlexiSAF & Morphgen Invite - Africa Community School

We're excited to introduce Educonnect; a one-of-a-kind community building and workshop event for Educators taking place in Abuja on 24th of May 2019. Venue is Africa Community School, Asokoro.

Flexisaf CEO - Faiz Bashir on ICT in Nigeria

In this latest interview with Silverbird TV, Flexisaf's CEO Faiz Bashir talks about the current status of Information Technology in Nigeria, Flexisaf's role as a Software Technology company in the ICT industry and some challenges

ChasteVille School reviews SAF School management Software (SAFSMS)

The proprietress of Chasteville School, lagos was happy to tell us all about their experience with SAF School management Software (SAFSMS). SAF School management Software manages students and staff records, computes assessments unique to each school, school fees and payroll, timetable, club, clinic, etc. For a free demo of SAF School management Software, visit

Best School Management Software Support

SAFSMS Support is always available to assist you. No need to slow down on your productive day, simply click the NEED HELP button in the SAFSMS app or call us on +2347079887123 We will help/resolve your issue ASAP and effectively. For more information, visit