Ever once sat in the class, wondering why some students seem to breeze through lessons. Tests were no big deal to them and neither were assignments. And there seemed to be only a few of them. Why is it so easy? Can you learn the study tips for best students so you can be like that too?

First, it’s not so easy and there truly are only a few of the smart kids. Why? Because it requires hard work and preparation. While “hard work’ is, well, “hard”, only a few people are willing to put in the effort. Secondly, YES! You can be like the smarties as long as you’ve mastered the art.

study tips for best students


So what makes them seem so smart? Simple, they have learned to stick to techniques that bring out the best in them. Surprisingly, they may all be different tips as no two people are the same, but finding ways to tailor those techniques to their learning styles.

What exactly do you need to do?

1.Discover your learning Style: 

Understanding which learning style you are most comfortable with helps If you identify as a visual learner for instance, it means you understand best by looking at images, making illustrations in your notes, watching videos and generally making use of your visual memory.

2. Create and Stick to a Study Schedule:

Smart kids set out time in a week to study. Find which time of the day works best, whether early mornings or nighttime and the best use of it.   

3. Keep records of class sessions:

Note taking is essential in learning as some explanations a teacher makes in class may not be found in lesson notes and these  help in adding more information to students notes when studying

5. Ask for help:

Even the smartest kids do not know it all. When you are stuck and can’t seem to make sense of your work, talk to your classmate or even teachers who are always ready to help

6. Learn to Research:

There are books and websites that have the answers to all the questions you have. Learn to be curious and learn much more about a topic you have been taught. You will enjoy your study sessions even more.

If you put in the effort to study efficiently, in no time, it will be as easy as writing a note. You will be smarter with higher grades and higher self-esteem. So, which other skills do you think set the smart students apart?




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