ways to improve student motivation

Motivation is an important factor in the success of any child’s learning, And it is essential that both teachers and parents look for ways to improve student motivation in a way that makes them stay motivated. But that is easier said than done, as even the best books in the world will not help a student as long as they are not motivated/interested.

What does Motivation really mean?

Motivation is the willingness of someone to do something. It may be the desire to read, cook or even carry out a job and for students, it is learning.

All students learn differently, whether it is understanding at different paces or having different attention spans, it takes effort from the teacher to ensure all the students stay motivated enough to keep learning.

Research shows that motivation can be a huge confidence booster. As a result, it is a skill that teachers should learn to bring out the best in their students. Especially those who need the extra help. Here are few ideas to keep your students interested in learning.

Tips on Motivating Students

  1. Define the Expectations: Students get confused and lose interest when they do not fully understand the objectives of an assignment. Lay out the rules, expectations and objectives at the beginning of the school year.
  2. Change of environment: To renew students interest in a subject, take them away from the usual classroom scenery. Field trips to natural waterfalls or rocks give students a sense of fascination with geography and can motivate them to keep learning.
  3. Giving Students a sense of control: Sometimes, allowing students to take some form of control in the classroom encourages interest. When a teacher takes a backseat during one of the lessons and allows students have interactive sessions, they start to participate in interesting activities and enjoy their classroom hours.
  4. Being Available: Students sometimes need extra help understanding a topic and teachers should always be available for help as many times as possible. Reassure your students that they can discuss with their mates or come to you for help at any time.
  5. Give Rewards: With academics, healthy competition amongst the students encourages participation in class. Students get excited when they are rewarded for their efforts. When students participate, it means they are interested, and are more likely to be motivated. Rewards can be as little as posting names on notice boards or giving extra credit.

Teachers do not need the best resources to motivate students, a brief moment of encouragement or a genuine smile can create a positive effect towards learning. Finding new ways to motivate students will improve their academic performance.

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