Dr. Stephen Covey’s highly rated book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” pinpoints some traits and principles for successful and personal growth in life. The book categorically mentioned some certain standards to inculcate in order to complete a successful life. They include being proactive, beginning with the end in mind, Putting things first, think win-win are some standards that will lead to a successful life. Read on to find out how to be an effective teacher in the classroom.

1. Highly effective teachers are continuous learners

An effective teacher must never stop learning. The primary trait of someone who is a good teacher is a willingness to learn new things. Learning is a good idea not only to widen ones horizons as a teacher, but also to understand your students very well. This will in the long run give a good understanding of your students learning process.

2. Highly effective teachers are loved and admired by their students

A teacher should at all times show his students love and care. Students will appreciate what you do and eventually come to an understanding of even the most difficult lessons, when you put in the deliberate effort. Ideally, an effective teacher should find a way to balance between tedious work and stress reliever for students.

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3. Highly effective teachers have a good sense of purpose

A good and effective teacher should be focused and committed in all he does. Whatever happens, don’t lose your sense of purpose. Those difficult days will always pass by.

4. Highly effective teachers foster good communication with parents

A good and effective teacher knows the benefits of parental involvement. It is the duty of the teacher to always communicate with parents regarding their wards progress and performance in school. An effective teacher will at all times inculcate the habit of keeping a transparent communication link with parents.

5. Highly effective teachers always standout among their peers

An effective teacher always devises new methods in his teaching styles. A good teacher should always find a way to strike a balance between classroom and extracurricular activities. These extra-curricular activities will engage more attention and excitement for students.

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6. Highly effective teachers are always open to new teaching methods and technologies

Tech has occupied the center stage and also influenced education in all possible ways. New tools have now been introduced and integrated in school curriculum. Effective teachers are resourceful and can adapt well to change.

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7. Highly effective teachers always motivate and believe in their students

Believe in your students. Sometimes it can be a little thing you do to help them overcome certain fears and build good habits. Either way, this gives them a feeling of motivation to do more at all the time. Create a positive environment where your students won’t be afraid to ask questions and also motivate them to work hard and achieve their dreams.

These 7 Habits are the traits that highly effective teachers show. How many do you posses? If you liked this post, Sign up to our mailing list to receive occasional updates about new posts like this.

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