“Do I need a school management software?” 

Making a decision as regards this can be quite difficult especially In this increasingly competitive environment, excellent school management translates directly to student success. It is no longer enough for a student to just have a dedicated teacher, an involved parent, or a well-administered school. Effectively managing all stakeholders and resources available to parents, teachers, employees, and students leads to an educational experience that can define the next few generations of our country.

Do I need school management software?

It also isn’t enough for school management solutions to merely provide the basic features needed for efficient functionality. School management is a constantly evolving field and different challenges in different schools require different solutions. Administration is then responsible for carrying out research to understand the features each solution provides and how it can best meet their needs.

Here are 5 reasons using a school management software is no longer just an option, but a necessity:

Thorough School Administration: From admission processes that power the creation of an incoming class that is the best fit for your school, to at-a-glance access to employee details, and their attendance status, to having access to across the board student records at the click of a button, school administration is noticeably more organized with SAFSMS. Experienced educators know that a strong administration results in a school that runs smoothly –  boosting daily productivity, creating an optimum learning environment for the student and a more stress free environment for staff.

Efficient Course Management: Teachers, students, and parents are able to track progress for multiple subjects and use their in-class and after-class time more efficiently. This end to end tracking ensures that no child is left behind at any stage of the school year. Teachers no longer need spend time calculating advanced scoring metrics since grades are compiled automatically.

Universal Data Access: Users are sure to have quick and easy access to all student and staff data. SAFSMS will securely store and manage students’ admissions, payments, records, dates and more, make automatic updates and instantly provide information. All stakeholders are guaranteed to have access to accurate statistics on students’ progress so they are always in the know!

do i need school management software

Partnering with Parents to Enable Success: With SAFSMS, no need for parents to be constantly wondering about their child’s academic and social progress, as they are increasingly involved in the nitty gritty, every step of the way. They have more insight into the pace of their child’s development, which goes beyond bringing home test scores as SAFSMS allows for access to child’s grades, attendance, trait analysis and more at any time. Parents can closely monitor their child and make educational decisions more efficiently.

Seamless Fee Management: With SAFSMS the focus is where it should be – the student, not inefficient and time-consuming paperwork. Eliminate the need for easily mismanaged and expensive school fee reminders. Instead use our automated solutions that provide a cost effective fee collection process segmented according to fee classification. Schools prevent running at a loss by automatically reconciling accounts to easily reveal school fees defaulters. Parents also benefit since this school management software allows them to pay fees online and on the go.


The standard school management software should be able to provide a custom experience for your school, with options of adding or removing modules, setting access restrictions for staff or providing offline and online hosting solutions.  For a complete list of features provided by SAFSMS please visit:



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