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In this month’s issue, we discuss what to do when you forget your SAFSMS password. We introduce the new iOS version of SAFMobile that we’re very excited about as well as how you can use the parent module for seamless communication. Don’t forget to attempt the quiz & win prizes.

What’s Inside


Communicating with parents has never been better. The all-round communication between students, parents, and the school management is the focus of the SAFSMS parent module. Beyond keeping parents informed about what’s currently happening in their child’s schools, school management also wants to inform parents of new changes in the school as soon as they happen.


Are you a busy parent, teacher or school admin?
We all forget our passwords sometimes. In fact, it can be difficult to keep track of all the things we’re supposed to remember. But with the latest update on SAFSMS, You no longer have to worry about forgetting your SAFSMS log-in details.


So why launch an iOS app? The answer is quite straightforward. The App Store has come a long way over the past years and forms a significant channel in which users access SAFSMS; users whose expectations are, rightly, rising. We can’t stand still. With the new app we’ll be launching more frequent updates, offering a broader range of features and bringing you a better experience.

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How smart are you? See if you can solve the 4 pics 1 word quiz of the month. First 3 correct answers win a data bundle, just submit your answers to newsletter.safsms@flexisaf.com.

Quiz answer will be published in next month’s issue. Goodluck!

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