Innovative teaching methods to be used in the classroom

Capturing your students attention and leaving a lasting impression can be a bit challenging. To tackle this challenge effectively, you need to embrace and implement innovative ideas in your classroom.


Here are Innovative teaching methods to be used in the classroom to make the classroom more fun for your students


  1. Introduce Stories

Learning sessions become engaging and interesting when you introduce it as a story. Just think about it, why do people watch movies with so much interest? The suspense, the entertainment, the distraction, or just seeing a bunch of people move in a screen? I would say that it is because it keeps people engaged. Introducing the storytelling method pushes you to be creative and get your students to look forward to your classes even if it is math.


  1. A Class away from class


Field trips and excursions should be an integral part of the learning process. Plan a visit to the zoo, historic sites, museums, biological gardens, or a plantation. Whatever you decide, ensure that they are relevant to the study. You can decide to hold the class outside the classroom if the weather is friendly.

A change of scenery from the regular table and chairs might be all the students need to have an open mind towards learning. Most importantly, they would have little or no reason to forget the lessons learnt in class.


  1. Role Play

Role play can increase and develop interpersonal skills in your students and get them out of their comfort zone. This is one of the innovative teaching methods to be used in the classroom that would definitely come in handy, especially when teaching history, literature or current events.

Students have a clear understanding of the relevance of what they learn and the impact it has on their daily lives. Remember to keep it short and simple or moderate and engaging.


  1. Video & Audio

Supplement textbooks with audio and video tools. These tools and other technological tools would help their imagination grow and understand the concepts better. You can use movies, filmstrips, infographics, recordings of public lectures, slideshows, or podcasts while ensuring that you review all contents first.

There could be a discussion at intervals in the classroom, allowing the students to express themselves and their thoughts on the information they are currently ingesting.


  1. Games

You can make learning super fun and get your students’ concentration level to go up to 100%. Yeah! It’s possible.  This method helps your students to be creative and face challenges if introduced in subjects like Math, Geometry, English, or Arts.


  1. Learning space

A learning space is identified by the items in it, the feeling anyone gets as soon as they step in. You wouldn’t expect to see an office decorated with balloons, well, except it’s a festive season, even at that there is a certain feeling you get, the ‘corporate’ comes to life. For the classroom, it should be a fun learning environment, comfortable too.

The settings differ for each section, that is the kindergarten, nursery, primary and secondary. Create a positive and healthy environment as the learning environment has a primary role to play in the learning and development of your students.

Having an open-minded attitude can help you implement these innovative teaching methods. These ideas, when implemented, would help you and your students look forward to the time you spend together in the classroom.

We know you love what you do and that you would give your best in trying to achieve this.

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