We have been receiving a lot of requests from customers like you to let them personalize  SAFSMS. What that means to over 90% of users is the need to be able to include their school colors in the display theme. Today, we are very delighted to present these latest changes to you, from a new login page to all other pages.

The new SAFSMS login page doesn’t only allow you to select your school color, it also allows you to insert a picture banner; which comes as a default image until you upload one. The page also accommodates a section for your news bulletin, general information and links to other useful resources like the school’s website, online application platform, and a platform for practicing WAEC, JAMB & NECO examinations.

Here’s what it looks like:

Your school name and logo will be at the top as usual. The displayed news information can be updated as often as you like from the SAFSMS settings page, as well as the color and theme selection.

Once saved, all changes will reflect on your all new landing page.

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