University and school inventory management can be a very tedious task as they usually have a lot of inventory to manage. There are so much books, materials, uniforms, desks, teaching material and other materials being used in just one term alone.

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No wonder leakage in inventory is one of the top ways schools keep wasting funds.

Tracking your school’s equipment may be the store manager’s job, but really, it’s more of the school admin’s business.  The price tag for books, equipment, uniforms keeps going upward and the fees aren’t increasing to keep up. It may not look like it at first but these wastes add up! So how do they happen?

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Some common challenges faced in school inventory management according to GoCodes, include:

  1. Issuing of Materials – Because issuing of materials happens so often in a school, it can be hard to track. some little items may be issued everyday without being properly recorded.
  2. Manual tracking of data -Paper records are subject to human error. They can be lost and are hard to analyse.
  3. Theft. We hate to admit it but sometimes school equipment is not even issued out! Without proper management, materials can get stolen by students or employees. or even pushed to the back of storage and forgotten.

There are many inventory management solutions for schools and businesses.  A quality inventory management system will take all the guess work out of store keeping. It should be easy for staff to view item availability and retrieve materials duly without difficulty. Selecting the right inventory system requires forethought and careful consideration.

The good news is, if you’re using SAFSMS, you won’t need any separate help with store management. SAFSMS is a School Management software that fully manages every aspect of school life and it’s store feature will help you keep a tight grip on your inventory. With SAFSMS, you can:

  • approve stock -outs from your dashboard
  • Get alerts/notifications when items are running low
  • View detailed termly store reports and a lot more

These issues are usually a nightmare to most school administrators. This means that while other schools are struggling to manage leakages in cash flow and inventory, you are staying several steps ahead.

Start using SAFSMS now for free!

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