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Hello. We have been streamlining SAFSMS to reduce its complexity and improve ease of use. We’ve also ensured emails are always verified, changes are made to assignments ONLY before due dates and a lot more.


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Improved Communications with SAFSMS 

Communications with parents have been made easier. All email inputs are now verified so you can be sure to get only valid email addresses from parents.

Saving You That Trip To The Bank

The bank teller update saves you the hassle of reconciling your account on the SAFSMS account role.

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Short Story: Out of The Box

Mr. Zubair was really worried about his students’ performance. It’s not like they were not doing well, but he believed they could be exceptional if given the right opportunity to excel.

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5 Professional Development Skills For Teachers

 I’m quite certain that you are in search of impressive skills to learn as a teacher. As a teacher, swamped with so many tasks and activities accompanied by deadlines, it would be difficult to stand out, but standing out can only be achieved if you go the extra mile. Check out some of the skills listed below, we believe that one of them is the spice you need in your career.

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