The SAFSMS Grade Book App Feature captures subject assessments that have been taken over the entire period of a term. This feature (accessed solely by a subject teacher), allows the configuration of as many tests or assessments as desired for each subject. This means that assessments given per topic, or on a weekly, monthly, or even daily basis, can be captured and used as a percentage of some preconfigured assessment.

A pre-requisite for the Grade Book App Feature is a pre-configured Assessment and its Assessment Breakdowns. This is because a group of grade book assessments form a certain percentage of the overall Assessment. For example, ten grade book assessments could form 70% of a preconfigured assessment.

There are two privileges that form the grade book feature: ‘Configure Grade Book Assessment’ and ‘Input Grade Book Scores’.

Below is a screenshot of what the GRADE BOOK app module looks like:


grade book app module



grade book app screenshot



grade book app screenshot 1

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