Flexisaf Launches SAFSMS Parent Mobile App for Smarter School-Parent Communication

To reinvent learning, Flexisaf Edusoft is providing parents a platform to keep them informed of their child’s activities from the palm of their hands. Effective communication is essential between schools and parents and SAFSMS Parent has been designed as a convenient tool to foster and improve school communication with parents.

With over 500 Schools managing their daily activities using SAFSMS, FlexiSAF’s School Management Software, we made sure that it was built with your (users) interest at heart and targeted at making lifelong positive impact in your lives.


  1. Parents dashboard 
  2. Notifications – sms, emails
  3. School fees 
  4. Notification of – results – customized info

SAFSMS Parent was built for SAFSMS users to boost communication with parents



Result Comments


Payment Summary

Benefit to Schools 

The parent-school relationship is drastically improved. This platform creates an avenue to get timely feedback Improve school parent relationship Increase response time to notifications sent  



Benefit to Parents 

 Parents have easy access to updates about the time their kids spend in school.From their mobile device, parents  get notifications on attendance, behaviour, continuous assessment and assignments from the school . The Ease of school fees payment isn’t left out and reminders can be set for events happening in school, this encourages collaboration    

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