Tools for research writing cover a broad range of purposes for the user. From plagiarism checkers to reference databases and grammar tools, here are 5 research-made-easy tools for 21st century students and researchers, that are very simple to use.

1. Citavi
Citavi is  tool for students to manage research sources and search for new ones  around the world. It is useful for helping students avoid chaos — and plagiarism. It can help in creating a chapter by chapter outline for your paper without even trying. Citavi is a recommended tool for students who need to write papers more efficiently and faster.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online proofreader tool that checks for spelling and grammatical errors faster and with ease. At the end of writing a paper, it’s important to proofread for errors before finally submitting it. Grammarly can be installed as a web plug-in or used on site. It helps you crosscheck your work and can also spot unoriginal text by checking against an 8 billion page database.

3. ReadCube

ReadCube is a research tool that help to manage and cite documents (such as downloaded pdfs). It enables the import of files from the computer and allows one to search for them online. It also sends notification of new published articles related to searches made.

4. Unicheck

Unicheck is a plagiarism checker tool that scans papers in a real time. It allows fast scan of documents to ensure they are free from plagiarism. You can pre-check up to five papers for free.  

5. Authorea

Authorea is like Google Docs for scientists. It’s an online editor built to write, collaborate and publish research papers efficiently. Authorea is a handy tool if you are writing a scholarly manuscript, a student essay, a math heavy manuscript, a technical blog post, or a data-driven document.

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