Web Based School Software

Web based school software automates routine activities involved in running a school, thereby easing the burden on teachers and administrators alike.

Running a school means being in charge of not only the broad educational decisions such as curriculum and hiring, but also a seemingly endless list of daily tasks.

From attendance and grades to parent involvement, students must be tracked individually and in groups. Teacher engagement, daily schedules, and testing metrics must be monitored. Budgeting and accounting need constant attention. Administrative duties, from ordering supplies to managing building improvements, seem to be never-ending.

What Is Web Based School Software?

Web based school software is a comprehensive solution to managing and streamlining all of the daily duties involved in running a school. Tracking student movements, generating notes to parents, monitoring budgets, analyzing grades and test scores, and even managing school clinic records are just a few of the tasks that web based school software can automate.

With a dashboard that updates in real time and a plethora of reports from which to choose, web based school software saves valuable time and energy, boosts productivity, and enhances transparency. Powerful data analysis ensures that school staff members are making the best decisions at each level.

Who Is Web Based School Software Right for?

Web based school software is quickly becoming a must-have for schools of all sizes and grade levels. With just a few clicks, teachers can enter grades for viewing by administrators, parents, and students. School nurses can update student medications and health records. Administrators can reconcile budgets. School store staff can reorder supplies and log each day’s sales.

At any time, all of the information and reports can be easily viewed from one central dashboard accessible from any location with a computer, internet service, and the required secure login information. Students and parents can view individual student information from home. Teachers can manage their class notes and grades from an internet café. Administrators can make key financial decisions while traveling. The ease of access and inherent transparency have been proven to boost engagement with the educational process.

What Are the Benefits?

Web based school software provides many valuable benefits to administrators, teachers, students, and parents. These include:


  • Comprehensive student attendance tracking
  • Online grades and test scores
  • Streamlined budgeting and accounting
  • Academic performance tracking
  • Easy health clinic management
  • Powerful data analysis and reporting tools



SAFSMS is a fully-integrated web based school software solution. The powerful collection of tools is carefully crafted to reduce workloads, eliminate many of the most tedious tasks, increase transparency, and promote engagement.

Designed by FlexiSAF, a software company with more than 10 years of experience in the educational sector, SAFSMS is currently deployed at roughly 300 schools. The software solution was highlighted at Google’s 2012 G-Nigeria event.

We offer a free demo to get you started, and three different subscription levels to meet the needs of different schools. If you are ready to take the first steps toward easier, better, time-saving school management solutions, we invite you to contact us today to learn how we can help!