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What’s Inside

Better Assessments with Grade Book

There has been the age long argument about examinations:  Are they the true test of knowledge? Or are they just burden to the students who have to take them?

How often do students need to be tested? Should they be assessed once in a term or as often as possible? In most cases, assessments are taken in the middle of the term and another at the end of the term.

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SAFSMS Survey report

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best customer satisfaction. When we build new features and modules, we believe they should work so well you don’t have to consider how they might have been designed differently.

The recently conducted survey on SAFSMS, with responses from over 50 different schools and 250 people, gives us a good glimpse of where the pain points are in using SAFSMS, what the most anticipated features are, and how to generally serve you better.

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Good Bye To Data Loss

Slow internet and constant power failure can be frustrating for teachers trying to complete student assessments or battle deadlines.

That’s why SAFSMS comes with a feature that saves teachers all the pain of losing work. “RESTORE FROM LOCAL STORAGE” is a button just beneath the columns where teachers enter scores for students enrolled in their individual subjects.


At FlexiSAF, we focus on our users, and more of our users are accessing our system using their mobile devices (as confirmed by data from our user management Software). In light of this development, FlexiSAF presents to you SAF-Mobile; the mobile version of SAFSMS.

For teachers, parents, and school administrators, SAF-Mobile allows for on-the-go monitoring of your students, wards and school activities.

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