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SAFSMS is designed to free up more time for teaching,  increase interaction in the classroom and help raise the quality of education.

What’s Inside

Introducing SAFSMS Mobile App

What can you do with your mobile phone? With the new mobile version of SAFSMS, you can now do a lot more, from wherever you are. SAFSMS Mobile allows you to monitor your child’s school activity on the go, with a few clicks of a button.

Staff Pension Feature

With the new Pension Feature, schools can now accurately calculate and deduct employee contributions for pensions as part of payroll management. Schools can create pension fund administrators on SAFSMS (E.g Legacy Pension, ARM etc) and each staff is assigned to a pension fund administrator depending on whichever they choose.

Improving Parent-School Interaction Using our New Parent App – SAFSMS Parent

Parents can have immediate access just by using their phones, tablet or PCs at any given time to keep an eye out on their child’s schedule which includes their timetable for the term, daily attendance and even their assessments and social activities including photos and videos.

SAFSMS Roll Calls

SAFSMS “ROLL CALL” feature comes in handy as it handles roll call in the best possible ways. It has helped hundreds of form/class teachers in taking student attendance in their different classes. Subject teachers can also take roll call during their different lessons to ensure students not only go to school, but also attend each of the different lessons they are enrolled in.

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