5 Qualities Of A Good School Principal

Do you know what makes a good school principal and the qualities of a good school principal? You probably know that its not the easiest job, neither is it a job for everyone. Here are some of the traits that highly effective principals should possess to enable them do their job successfully:

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1. An effective principal must be a visionary. A good principal should have a clear vision. He should be a continuous learner and also adapt to new trends. By doing that, a good principal will stand out among his peers. It is is your job to see that teachers gets comfortable and also feel motivated to improve continuously.

2. An effective principal must exhibit leadership qualities.  Every principal must exhibit exemplary leadership qualities for others to follow, including staff and students alike. An effective leader should be responsible for the successes and the failures of his school. A good Principal should at all times find new ways to improve his schools no matter the difficulties at hand.

3. A principal must be an excellent listener.  An effective principal should be focused and attentive. He should always be prepared to deal with whatever situations may arise. One can disarm most difficult situations simply by showing care and willingness to hear them out.

4. An effective principal must be fair and consistent. An effective principal should be credible in handling situations.  Nothing can take away your credibility faster than being inconsistent in your judgment. While no two cases are exactly the same, a good principal should have a standard approach for how to handle similar situations.

5. An effective principal must be a bridge builder. A  good principal should be able to connect people together and find ways to earn their trust. Effective principals should be organized and focused. He or she should be able to deal with difficult situations by effectively connecting to many groups of people which includes teachers, students, parents and also proffering solutions to those situations.

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