Effective time management for teachers is essential. Good time management doesn’t mean working harder but smarter. That is, concentrate on achieving results and not just how busy you are at work. Time management can be achieved by striking a proper balance between school and normal life. If you never have enough time to finish your tasks, better time management will help you feel relaxed and focused and also regain control of your day.


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Here are some recipes for better time management to help teachers manage their time effectively.

Priorities first!!!

Set priorities and organize the day around the most important tasks. Having defined priorities can help keep teachers on track throughout the day. What do you absolutely have to achieve today? Other things may spring up but make sure you know where they rank on your priority list. A good teacher should start his/her day by organizing a list of the most important tasks to the least important.

Use a to-do list

Using a to-do list is an effective time saver for teachers who are willing to do more in less time. Software like todoist can help teachers manage tasks, collaborate with their colleagues and students  both on line and off-line. By writing down all your daily tasks, teachers will be more productive and  will find it easier achieving tasks within a stipulated time.  

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination ruins performance.  A good teacher should stay away from it at all times in order to have mastery on his time management. Effective teachers are master planners when it comes to accomplishing tasks. Tasks broken down into smaller pieces are easier to manage and allows the teacher ample time to evaluate home work and offer timely feed back to students. Stay ahead; find out the main causes of procrastination and how to beat it.

Strategically plan Assignments & Assessment

A good teacher should strategically plan assignments & results for the whole week and focus on other tasks that are time consuming and require short datelines. For example, mystudylife can simplify teachers tasks and automate planning processes ranging from scheduling, planning assignments, tests, revisions and so on. SAFSMS helps teachers take away the repetitive task of computing students results, allowing them to be more productive, relaxed and focused.

How have you been able to balance your time in the classroom and at home? Share below!

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