misconceptions about edtech

Edtech is the new fintech.

At least, that’s what this techcrunch article would have us believe. Going by their speculations, the recent tech revolution in the banking industry is nothing compared to that happening soon in the education sector. So why does it sound so unconvincing? Even though more educators than ever are looking for ways technology can boost teaching and learning, the reason why ed-tech isn’t exactly as popular yet especially in Nigeria is due to a few misconceptions about Edtech we keep having.

Just how much do we know about ed-tech and what it is about? Here are 5 things most people usually get wrong:

1. Classroom Only

Most of the Ed-tech advances that gain mainstream popularity are the fancy classroom gadgets and apps like LCD Touch screen boards, game based learning and collaborative platforms like Google Apps for Education. But frankly, ed-tech isn’t just about classroom technology. There are numerous other ways technology can be involved behind-the-scenes in teaching and learning like apps that help teachers and admin plan and collaborate more efficiently, software that manage operations, programs that handle student records and behavior etc

Our School Management Software, SAFSMS helps teachers and admin carry out their day to day tasks more easily, inside and outside the classroom. Try it out for free and see.

2. Ed-tech is ‘cost-intensive’

This might be true just for the initial stages. However, very often ed-tech usually pays for itself in terms of results and even cost and time savings. There are many ways for school to save money by encouraging technology in the classroom and otherwise; such as switching to online libraries, online report delivery platforms, time-saving grading software and a lot more. Still, it is always best to compare different options and do a cost-benefit analysis rather than decision-making based on false generalizations.

3. Lack of focus on teachers or students

Although many ed-tech start-ups generally try to lighten the job of teaching and take the pain away from learning, it is common for them to focus more on technology than the actual teaching and learning experience, to identify the actual specific needs they are solving. Factor daily believes this to be one of the main reasons why many ed-tech solutions are not being used in classrooms today.

4. Consumerism

According to spencerauthor.com, one of the 11 reasons why teachers aren’t using technology is because “Reading is viewed culturally as educational while all things techie tend to be viewed culturally as entertainment.” Sound familiar? Ironically, this is what makes it so catchy with students. Technology based teaching methods are more succesful than conventional methods. Don’t be one of those teachers and educators that allow their blind resistance to change stand in the way of adapting proven learning-improvement technology. Give it a chance!

5. It’s hard to incorporate or use

Many educators underestimate their ability to implement tech solutions and management also worry that their staff will be unable to use it. We mentioned earlier while discussing these 3 common misconceptions about school management software; these programs are designed specifically with you in mind. Moreover, you will usually be allowed to try out a demo if you are investing in a product like management software to get a feel of whether it is the right user level for you and meets your specific needs.

We also recommend a product or feature with lots of available online resources and support if it is going to make serious changes to your school or classroom methods.

So which one of these 5 wrong impressions were you most guilty of? Now that you know, share this post with others using any of the buttons below.

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