Teachers have the hardest jobs on the planet–with marking and planning being the top two areas that lead to unnecessary workload. They have to responsibly educate every student that comes their way -the good, the bad and the inbetweeners. Alongside teaching, they also have to monitor & assess their students which is time-consuming, repetitive and often enough, frustrating. Well, they can finally heave a sigh of relief. Why you wonder? Because SAF-School Management Software (SAFSMS) by FlexiSAF has proven to be one of the fastest and most convenient way to reduce teachers workload by helping them to work efficiently. And most importantly, it helps make their jobs a whole lot easier.
How to reduce teacher workload and stress


SAFSMS Assessment: 3 Top Functions that Reduce Teacher Workload

Simple, affordable and flexible school management software (SAFSMS) as the name implies is packed with a lot of easy to use features. These features, boost productivity. However, in this piece, we’ll just discuss the three key components that reduce workload.

These 3 components help teachers concentrate more on teaching. This is achieved by reducing the time spent on tasks that can cause unnecessary workload. The outcome is driving high efficiency in your school.

  1.    Ultra fast Computing

    The SAFSMS Assessment module comes equipped with a robust computing feature. At the end of an assessment, say a test or assignment, simply input a student’s scores in the desired field and let SAFSMS do the math thereby eliminating possible human error. Did we mention that this also allows you to engage in the possible bare minimal addition and subtraction of marks throughout your teaching career? Enough said.


      2.   Efficient Structuring/planning

This allows you to plan the format of Continuous Assessments (CA) for the present term, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or simply once a term. On SAFSMS, teachers can create as many rows as they like to accommodate continuous assessment scores.The module keeps you well informed about the milestones ahead. This allows you to plan the format of CA for the present term. Teachers are kept well informed about the milestones ahead. Subsequently, their job becomes easier and allows them to be better-organized

      3.    Powerful Analysis & Reporting: After an accurately computed and compiled result is available the next step is to make sense of it all. For all school types, SAFSMS can be customized to provide a detailed analysis of each student in any class or all students in a class. It allows you to filter your search and compare performances in different subjects between students.A good example is the task of creating a broadsheet (a report for all arms of a class i.e Primary 1a, b, c girls & boys) which can considerably reduce teachers workload and stress.

Putting it all together

The above is just a glimpse of how SAFSMS have been helping schools provide quality education. It also shows that if you reduce teachers workload, it gives teachers more time to channel their energy into their work. This gives way to productivity and in turn, creativity and inspirational teaching.

So invest in a software solution that will work for you and not the other way round.

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