Great Heights Academy was founded in 2002 – although the secondary was not until 2003. With the aim of providing the highest standards of education in Nigeria, it is an all-girls secondary school built based on moral and spiritual values that prepares every girl to become responsible adults in society and were in need of a school assessment software.

School Assessment Software

When Great heights opted for the services of Flexisaf’s SAFSMS, a school assessment software, they had the aim of having their records management made easier but still done the same way.

Simon Odike commented:

“SAFSMS has been so flexible and all the teachers love it because it helps them manage student records very efficiently – however, one thing we enjoy the most is their fast support system”,

Odike further explained his personal experience:

“Given that this is a competitive market, we had dealt with so many service providers and their products prior to SAFSMS and I can confidently say that SAFSMS had more to offer and had more advantages – the response time for the previous systems used to be very slow and congested but with SAFSMS the issue has been resolved and is as fast as we want it – because of this speed, our work is faster than it used to be”.

When great heights came on board, they said that the most important issue for teachers concerning assessment management was man made errors, a lot of stress calculating individual records and having to come up with grades, positions and averages the manual way was very bulky and uncertain because so many times, calculators failed thereby making the teachers use more time than supposed.

Celine Idihon expresses:

“My work was usually untidy because once I made a mistake, I will have to keep cancelling and correcting and because of that, it contributed significantly to my stress level – but now that SAFSMS has made this process easier, I feel very satisfied that I don’t have to go through the hectic calculation, my stress has also been reduced so much”

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