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Hello. I hope SAFSMS has been of value to you in the best ways through the school session. In our efforts to continuously serve you efficiently, we have conducted surveys on the proficiency of our customer support and gladly included the results. Enjoy. 

What’s Inside

The Survey Results: Verdict on SAFSMS Customer Support

We’re always trying to make our customers happy, and one of the ways we can ensure this is by collecting regular feedback from users.

In a recent user survey, we get a glimpse of how SAFSMS users rate the software’s customer support.

Improved security and transparency: Score Modification Logs

This new feature works tirelessly in the background, as teachers carry out their duties. A detailed log of score modifications – whether increment, decrements, deletion or update of scores are logged for any eventuality. No extra effort is needed on anyone’s part.

School of the Year

This Award was created in 2017 as a way to encourage more schools to go digital and fully automate their processes for effective teaching and administration.

Refer a Friend

Refer & Earn big with SAFSMS. Introduce new schools to SAFSMS and ensure they sign-up. Once they do, you stand a chance to enjoy HUGE discounts on your own renewal fee.

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Think you’re smart? Try our puzzle for the month & win a data bundle. First 3 correct answers win, just submit your answers to newsletter.safsms@flexisaf.com.

Quiz answers will be published in the next edition. Goodluck!

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