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Welcome to the End of Year edition of your bimonthly SAFSMS Magazine. In this version, we bring you a summary of all major updates this year & announcements on a few recent changes. Enjoy! 


What’s Inside

Form Teacher Role now on the new Mobile App

Following the recent re-design of the SAFSMS Teacher App, we have now added the ‘Form Teacher’ features to the app as well.

This New Form Teacher feature aims to allay the workload of class teachers as major tasks can now be carried out on the user-friendly mobile app.

Here are some of the features Form Teacher can use on the app:

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The New, Redesigned Parent Platform

As part of our plans to make SAFSMS more user-friendly for you, we are bringing a new look an feel to the whole platform – starting with the Parents Platform, as the first step.

The new Parent platform has been re-designed to have a more modern look and feel, and also to make it more intuitive to use.

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2018 Round-Up: Major Updates this Year

It’s been quite an eventful year, hasn’t it? Here’s a quick round-up of all the major changes and new features on SAFSMS in 2018:


  • Announced Subject Teacher features had been added to the Mobile App
  • SAFSMS Parent platform was Launched to enable parents quick access to their child’s reports, assignments and other school information  


‘Forgot password’ button was introduced to help you reset your password yourself via email verification


Introduced an easier way to get customer support by raising tickets directly from the SAFSMS via the ‘need help’ button.  


  • An easier and quicker way of generating all students report sheets was introduced
  • New feature added which enables uploading scores using excel

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