Quick Answers on How to Pay School Fees Online with SAF Pay

What is SAFPAY?

SAF Pay is our secure solution that allows busy  parents pay school fees online in a few easy steps.

Parents can easily login and pay their wards school fees which automatically reflects on the School accounts.

The SAFPay feature facilitates online payment of tuition fees and every other payment related to students. The end goal is to simplify the process of payments for both the parents and the school.

What do you need to get started?

  • Bank Account details of the school

  • Transaction Charge agreed with school.

  • Who is to pay the charge? (parents or school).

With all this information at hand, it only takes 20 minutes to activate a school.

How Does SAF PAY Work?

In detail:

  • The accountant configures all the school fees items and other optional items for each class.

  • Parents login to check the bill of their wards. They can pay online using their card or choose to print invoice and pay at the bank.

  • If parent decides to pay online using card, they can choose to pay in full or part. Another functionality was added recently for the parent’s to be able to select the optional items they choose to pay for. When a parent clicks to pay, the transaction charge is added to the bill, they input their card details and if the transaction is successful, the payment is reflected on accounts and receipt is generated for the parents.

  • If the parent decides to pay at the bank, either the parents or accountant can manually verify payment status.

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Does it come with extra charges?

Yes. We charge from N315 per transaction. This mostly depends on the sizes of transactions the school will  be processing and will be agreed on upon set up.

Available Providers and Accepted Cards

Currently we have only one provider (REMITA) because remita is the only provider that supports bank payment. But we are looking into integrating other providers as well.

Remita only Accepts Visa and Master Cards. Verve cards cannot be used to make payments.

How long does it take for payments to Reflect?

The Maximum time to allow for successful transactions is 24hrs. Any delay is usually resolved in less than 48hrs.

After a successful transaction, the parent or the school can make use of the RRR code to check the status of the payment and/or print receipts.

Anything else..?

  • Accounts configuration by the school accountant must be accurate since Remita/FlexiSAF rely on them to avoid issues such as over/under charge.

  • Currently parents cannot make payment for all their kids using one single transaction. This is an enhancement that we are looking to add.

Enhancements needed to further simplify the process

  • Shopping cart function will be added in the next version of the SAFPay. This function will make it easier for parents to make payments for multiple wards in a single transaction. There will be a flexibility for adding the required number of kids for full or part payments. However, the individual charges will still apply to each child added to the cart.

  • Configuration log will be added to track any changes in the accounts config on school fees and school fees item(s). This will address the issue with accountants tampering with the configuration after making payments.

Does this answer all your SAF Pay Questions? Feel free to throw more our way!

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