SAFSMS Updates (Week 24th – 28th September 2018)


To ease timetable configuration the following functions have been merged:

  • Fixed Lessons merged into manage lessons.
  • Fixed Activities merged into manage activities.
  • You can now link more than two lessons.



  • To help reduce stress of parents queuing up to get hard copy of results, we have added:Arm Level and Class Level Results can be sent to parents via Email. The functionality is available on Broadsheet(Arm) and Class Level Broadsheet.


  • You can now add attachment while raising a ticket to Support Desk.



  • Removed confusing student type new/returning on configure school fees items.
  • updated item configuration by changing part of tuition and part of school fees to compulsory and optional items.

  • Implemented bulk deletion of configure school fees item.
  • Fixed adding of school fees deposit.
  • Modified school fees item report to start each section on a new page



  • Fixed Student item collection to show correct number of collections.
  • Renamed confusing title “Manage Stock In” to “Manage Supply”.
  • Merged Manage suppliers into Manage supply.


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