Having all your processes streamlined to curtail duplication of efforts and do away with excess time wastage had been a worry for Ulul-Albab. Ulul-Albab Science Secondary School, Katsina was Founded in the year 1999. It now has over 1000 students and 125 academic staff. For over 16 years, it has maintained high academic excellence (96.6% WASSCE success between 2004-2013) and maintained an unparalleled moral behaviour not just in Katsina State but in the entire Nation. Consequently, two students of the school represented Nigeria at the International Young Physicists Tournament in Germany and International Youth Science Forum in London (2012) but without a school management tool.


As the school runs separate facilities for boys & girls and yet wish to maintain competitiveness between them, there was a major challenge in computing overall results across all the arms of classes.

Moreover, the Principal Abdulbasit Abdussamii – a meticulous gentleman- wished to have a reliable data management system for all the school’s processes and records. This includes a smooth synchronization from Application Process, to Admission and Registration of students, as well as their Record Keeping till graduation and issuance of transcript.


To achieve a holistic synchronization of all their school’s processes, FlexiSAF carried out a thorough feasibility analysis and came up with a strategic approach. We implemented our simple, powerful database for new applications and a simplified payment system for parents. This helped maintain communications between the school and applicants throughout the entire application process.

Using a centralized database, successfully admitted candidates already captured on the application platform’s status changes to students on the record management system. Just like that you’re hopping platforms without exerting maximum brain capacity!

Being very robust and agile, SAF school management software computes students’ results across all arms and is termed as Class Level Results and thus, positions them against their entire level as opposed to a single class arm. Convenient for all kinds of report analysis. The most astonishing part is it does so overwhelmingly fast.


60% Improved Productivity, Time Optimization, and a Radical drop in Expenses of normal school functions are just a few by-products that happen to come by your way with the use of such a resounding school management tool (software) like ours.

Other benefits are the complete elimination of duplicated efforts e.g. in printing, scanning, sending SMS, indexing & filing etc

For Parents, You can also know where your investment is going. Being able to see your child’s result with such a broad view encompassing cognitive behavior and performances in and out of the classroom is an added bonus you won’t get just talking to teachers (how many meetings would it take to accomplish that?)

SAFSMS is a Simple, Affordable and Formidable solution – just as the software name goes! A well encompassed school management tool for you.

Originally posted on FlexiSAF blog.

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