In an endless world of digitalization, students expect a more interactive learning experience hence, teachers can’t approach them with the same teaching methods they used decades ago.,

According to the “Educational technology use in schools report”, there was a 55% increase in the engagement rate of students- after introducing technology in schools and colleges. 

In this article, we would delve into what a smart school is and how your school can benefit from adopting technology in classroom teaching.

What is a SMART School? 

Nowadays, when students are more in touch with digital trends than ever, schools have to keep up. With technology becoming part of their everyday life, smart schooling makes more sense than ever.

Unlike conventional schools, a smart school makes use of advanced technology and equipment in classrooms to give students better and more effective learning experiences. 

David Perkins, in his book “Smart Schools: From Training Memories to Educating Minds”, calls smart schools— “schools that are wide awake to the opportunities for better teaching and learning.”


           Benefits of a SMART School. 

Those that adopt smart technologies provide students with more learning opportunities and will meet their changing needs a lot easier than traditional ones.

Below is our list of some of the most important benefits of a smart school. 


  •  Enhance Student Engagement 

A smart school makes the teaching environment much more interactive. The teaching system and the tools used in the school encourages students to be more interactive and participate more in the learning experience, with fun quizzes, online tests, group activities and more, there are no dull moments in the classroom and students are engaged with the content. This helps to increase knowledge retention on a great scale and gives even the shy kids the chance to be more interactive and active in the learning experience comfortably, introducing many new ways to engage with the teacher.  

  • Guaranty an Effective Learning Experience. 

A smart school enables teachers to share knowledge in a more interesting and easy to understand manner for the students with digital technology. In such a school, the teachers have access to share the lessons using many mediums such as videos, presentations, audios and many other forms of visuals. It provides the opportunity for the teachers to update their lessons as the years pass by with the new information emerging in creative ways to help students receive up to date knowledge.

  • Provide Easy Access to Online Resources

“Teachers and students in smart schools have all the information available on the web at their fingertips; no need to wait for a trip to the library to look something up. This can be helpful in class by giving students a way to work on their own projects and learn in real-time.”

  • Ensure Parent Involvement 

Despite their busy schedules, parents should be able to communicate with teachers from anywhere efficiently. They can use classroom management apps to improve parent involvement and keep them up to date. With SAFSMS Parent App  for example, parents  are fully engaged with their kids’ school activities. From their phones, tablets or PCs, parents get instant updates on class schedules, assessment results and pending fees for their child(ren)

  • Never have to miss a lesson again

In a smart school, you can record all the lessons taught in the day. So even if you miss a class, you will still have the opportunity to learn the lesson for the day without missing anything out, including the jokes. 

Therefore, even when a student falls sick and misses out a couple of lessons, they don’t have to feel bad. They have access to recordings  they can fall back on and keep up with their studies. So the students no longer have to copy down all the notes and learn by themselves or with the help of a friend. 

What is the point of educational growth if we cling on to outdated teaching methods? Chunky books and one-sided lectures should stay in the past.  

It is safe to say that a smart school is the only way education can move into a new digital space, allowing ease of educational information to be shared seamlessly.

If you agree/disagree with the statement above, kindly share your reason(s) with us using the comment section below. 



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