Online training courses, education programs, and virtual classes are more popular than ever! 

Today, brands everywhere are putting together educational programs to help them inform their audiences and engage them in a less-invasive manner by using traditional ads and marketing. 

However, just because your business has created an education program, that doesn’t mean people will automatically flock to it. 

And this is why it’s essential to put some thought and effort into promoting your education program to hopefully attract and convert potential students. 

Below, we’re exploring some of the best free web apps to use for promoting your education program online. 


Social Media Networks

Did you know that Facebook alone has some 2.85 billion active users every month? Or that YouTube is the second most popular social media platform of all time? 

When you consider these facts, it’s easy to see why promoting your education program on social media is essential to your success. Using Facebook alone can put your program in front of a potentially massive online audience. 

Plus, the PPC options on most social networks will allow you to hone in on your ideal customers so that you can display your ads only to people who are already the most likely to be interested in your program. 

That said, PPC ads aren’t free. 

So, until your program begins to gain traction, you might want to focus on using the free-to-use features available on social media. 

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, TikTok, or all of the most popular social networks simultaneously, the idea is to get active, regularly posting about your new education program. 

The more you post, the more likely people will see your posts and learn about your program. 

Alternatively, you can post or share content that’s not directly about your program, but related to it, which can be used as a way to attract people to your social media pages, where they’ll be able to find your program. 



Buffer is easily one of the most popular web apps for helping brands manage and monitor their online presence. 

With Buffer, you can easily schedule your social media posts ahead of time to have them automatically published on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Linked In. 

Additionally, you can use Buffer to analyze your engagement levels and learn whether your content impacts your audience in the right way. 

Note that Buffer does have a free-to-use account, but you may need to upgrade to access the full range of features offered. 



Similar to Buffer, Hootsuite is another top-rated social media marketing tool that can make promoting your education program super easy! 

You can use Hootsuite to schedule posts, as well as keeping an eye on rapidly changing industry trends, brand mentions, or any conversations that may be relevant to your program across several social networks at the same time. 

Also, you’ll be able to respond to any comments or messages from any of your social channels, all from a single inbox.

Note that you may need to pay for a premium account to access the full suite of features, although you can create a free Hootsuite account. 



To this day, word of mouth is still one of the best ways to tell people about your brand, your products or services, or your educational program. 

Business Cards makes it easy to create printable business cards, which you can hand out to friends, family, or anyone else you meet who might be interested in your program. 


Promoting Your Education Program Online

Whether you’ve launched your first online courses, or you’ve spent years putting together the most in-depth, informational, and engaging education program ever known, nobody is ever going to sign up to your program if they don’t know about it! 

That’s why it’s crucial to get started posting about it regularly on social media networks, like Facebook, and use other free web apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, or BuzzSumo to help you monitor your engagement levels. 

As you continue to promote your program using these channels, you should gradually see more people becoming interested, which means more conversions and more revenue for your business! 


Written by Darrin Becker
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