4 Tips for Designing the Perfect School portal website

In an increasingly digitally connected world, people have come to expect access to accurate and reliable information in a timely manner. A school portal solution is one way of making sure that parents, teachers, administrators and even students have personalized access to information 24/7 and that they can connect from any location and device.

Features Of A School Portal:

Every good school portal website should have a minimum of all of these basic features:

  • Login with Permission based controls

    The portal should have a unique log-in access for each user with customizable user profiles based on user personas. Administrators should be able to grant employees access to only the features that are applicable to their role

  • Personalized information

    Every school portal website should display personalized user information and reports for each individual user of the system.

  • Supports Integrations

    As the portal is like a central platform where everyone comes together, it should be able to work seamlessly with the school’s main website, information/records management system and learning management system(s) if any. A good portal should be built with these in mind.

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A portal is an extension of your school’s brand, and a well designed school portal reflects positively on the school’s reputation. Here are some essential considerations for the perfect school portal design:

  1. Easy to Use. As with any website or app, your portal should be user friendly and simple enough to figure out. The purpose of the portal is to make information access easier for the users – so give them a reason to use your platform,otherwise you’ll find that people would prefer to do things the manual way. Study the layout of most popular websites, apps or portals that they use and try to notice a pattern of the most common elements.

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      2. Tailor for mobile: These days, everyone is mobilized and no one can afford to be tied to their desk phones or computers. Your platform needs to match this new world. The school portal you adopt               should be accessible and work the same on each of your customer’s most relied upon devices: smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers.

      3. Stick to relevant Information: One mistake many people make when designing a portal is bombarding the users with all sorts of information. Instead, Include only the most relevant information for the specific users role on their dashboards or front pages and then provide links to more detailed or general information elsewhere so the user can choose what to see.  

     4. Combine it with a School Management Software: If you want to make your portal even more powerful and effective, you can integrate it with a robust school management system to combine records management features of a school management software, with the connectivity and collaboration features that a portal has to offer. 

These are the 4 most essential tips for anyone thinking of designing the perfect school portal website. Good luck!

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