Majority of children spend most of their time at schools. Therefore having effective discipline in schools have become very crucial in providing a safe and conducive environment for learning and building good behaviors and characters.

Managing discipline has always been a serious problem in an educational setting. It’s not always easy to establish an effective disciplinary system within an institution because the opinions of students, teachers, school administration and other stakeholders have to be put into consideration before making a final decision.

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Read on to find out the effective approaches to managing discipline in schools and proper behavior management, without necessarily resorting to drastic measures.

1. Implement Additional Effective School Policies

Effective discipline begins with the implementation of school policies that all teachers and students must follow. If a school implements a policy that all teachers and administrators follow, it encourages the students to inculcate good behaviors and characters.

2. Increase Parental Involvement

Schools should institute policies requiring teachers to involve parents periodically through the year regarding their children’s behaviors and characters. Parents make a difference in student achievement and behavior. Midterm or end of term reports is often not enough. Calling takes time, but parents can often provide solutions to difficult classroom problems. 

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3. Build a Reputation of Fairness in School

Students must believe that teachers and administrators are fair in their disciplinary actions. While some crucial circumstances require administrators to make adjustments for individual students, in general, students who misbehave should be treated similarly.

4. Provide Alternative Opportunities For Students

Some students need controlled environments where they can learn without distracting the wider school community. If one student continually disrupts a class and shows an unwillingness to improve his or her behavior, that student might need to be removed from the situation for the sake of the rest of the students in the class and move to a new class.

What other strategies do you use to ensure discipline in your school? Do they work?

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