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Hello. We are still available, our Support Desk working round the clock to ensure you have a smooth experience despite #Covid19. We also launched our new eLearning Services  to help you set up Online Learning so schooling doesn’t stop, even through #Covid19. Read to learn how to GET STARTED.


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Support Report

Hi there, Amidst the lockdown, we are committed to serving you. This is to reassure you that we are available to attend and respond to your request Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.Find the User Guide for self-service at: https://help.safsms.com/

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Short Story: Learning Never Stops!

“We can’t just go home and do nothing. We can’t give up.”

“I’m sorry, I know how you feel and right now we don’t have any option, it’s for our safety.”

“Trust me ma, I know but it just seems like we’re throwing in the towel.”

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Improvement and Fixes

Good news for SAFSMS Users in Ghana! You can now send bulk sms and customized sms to parents

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Take Your School Online

COVID 19 & Beyond

First of all, please remember that what works for one school is not guaranteed to work
for you. Do you have the same resources, capable teachers or even the same type of
students(age group, access to the internet), etc? More than anything, schools need
information at this time.

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On This Edition of SAFSMS-HOW

This is where you Create and Upload assignments to students. (only subject teachers
have the privilege to upload an Assignment). Read more

Click on "Manage Assignment"

Click on "Add"

Dialogue pops up

Include Details

Upload Document

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