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Hello. We are all feeling the impact of this unprecedented time but still, we are here for you. We’d like you to know that it’s business as usual for us and we will continue to deliver efficient services. Get parents to download the NEW SAFSMS Parents app and experience school-parent communication like never before.



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Support Report

From 8 am to 5 pm; Monday to Friday, we are committed to serving you. As schools are required to resume soon, we want to assure you that we are on this journey with you.

For quick self-service, see SAFSMS guide: https://help.safsms.com/ 

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Short Story: The Dialogue

“The success of a child is determined by all the key players involved in the child’s life.” Mrs Kajo said in response to Teacher Idris as he complained about the inaccessibility to data and constant power supply.

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Improvement and Fixes

We’ve got everything working better, just for you.

  • Issues preventing emails to be sent with attachments to staff have been fixed
  • Fixed issue with mixed symbols in SMS
  • You can now buy credit yourselves using the guide here.


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Free Educational Softwares

in Nigeria

So, here are our top 10 free educational websites in Nigeria for adults, kids and everyone. This isn’t a conclusive list of course so you can go ahead and send us your favorites if you don’t find them on the list.


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On This Edition of SAFSMS-HOW

How to Buy SAFSMS Credit

Buying SAFSMS credit just got easier.



Find quick and easy steps to buy credit on SAFSMS

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Click "SMS Manager"

Select "SMS Configuration"

Click on "Buy SMS Units"

Click on "Make Payment"

Enter card details

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