Adopting a Student Database Management System

Located in Gwarinpa Abuja, Crescent Pearls Integrated School was founded in 2009, running a mixed British-Nigerian academic curriculum.

The school was established with the vision to produce well-natured and cultured youth, the school has since grown to reach a population  of over 190 students and about 47 staff members.

Before their decision to use SAFSMS, C.P.I.S was faced with a number of Challenges

“Teachers would always come to me to source for information about the children” says the Headteacher, Mr. AbdulHafiz Giwa

Admin staff of Crescent Pearls

Admin staff of Crescent Pearls

But lack of proper data control was just one of the many challenges. As the school grew, naturally the school accountant was finding it even harder managing accounts for the entire institution using complex Excel spreadsheets.

The Head Teacher, for his own role also needed data analysis, and a more straight forward platform to communicate with the parents, monitor curriculum achievement and handle personnel management.

The school’s management thus decided to take matters into their own hands and search for a student database management system that could meet their needs.

That’s when they came across SAFSMS.

Impact of SAFSMS

Since the introduction of SAFSMS to the school in 2017, teachers can now have access to all the student information needed from their end. Data and information for every student is linked to their profile on SAFSMS which can easily be searched for by any system user with permission to access such data.

Outside of that,¬†Result compilation has been completely simplified and the parents can now have log in to see their children’s results through the SAFSMS Parents Platform.

For the management, data reporting and analysis has also taken a new look. The SAFSMS Admin dashboard contains a wide variety of reports, from finance and budgeting to student population, attendance and performance distribution.

After customization, SAFSMS was also able to fit in C.P.I.S’s unique system of personnel/staff management.

Which means more free time for teachers to focus on their role, and easier work load for the school administrative staff.

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