Our commitment has always not just been to meet your expectations but far exceeded them in a scalable way, especially now that our user base has witnessed tremendous growth. As we continue to grow, we must help you succeed in a scalable way to achieve your objectives. With your dedicated Customer Success Specialist, our focus is to deepen the usage of our product, solve any pain points, and provide consistent value. 

We’ve together witnessed the changing educational landscape, and this has in a long way fueled our commitment to helping you succeed. To achieve this, we provide more self-service resources and guides, act as the Voice of the customer, evangelize the need to engrain yourself in the Flexisaf Community for deeper knowledge and expertise, thereby providing strategies and tips to help you achieve your goals, all of which are the duties of your dedicated customer success specialist.  Regardless of any operational changes, our commitment remains the same – to continue supporting you & your business success with our products. That will forever be our priority!

Operationally, remember that if something in our product appears to be working incorrectly, your best first step is to visit our Knowledge Base for help. If you are unable to find a resolve, your next step will be to create a ticket with our Customer Support Team. While doing that, please loop in your dedicated customer support Specialist so they can ensure your submission moves quickly in the right direction.  Your customer success specialist has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and resources to provide, as well as tools to help quickly resolve something that may be broken.

The year last has been full of tremendous growth, from improvement in your relationship with your dedicated customer success specialist to your support experience and our efforts to provide a stable, fault-resistant platform. We’d like to reassure you of our commitment to delivering exceptional service and to help you achieve your educational management goals. 

If you have any feedback on how we can improve our service delivery, please feel free to share through our monthly Customer Satisfaction surveys, direct feedback through your dedicated CSM, or via our support email.

Don’t know who your dedicated Customer Success Specialist is? Send us an email and details will be provided.

Keep Succeeding and thank you for sticking with us!

Ifeanyi Nwoke, 

Customer Success Manager, FlexiSAF Edusoft Limited.

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