Subject teachers are held accountable for the academic performance of students unique to their field of study. Whether it is preparing for a topic, writing tests and exams questions or accumulating student scores, teachers always need to be at the top of their game. It’s also important for the teachers to carry out their tasks as efficiently as required, but some tasks like recording and and calculating students scores, take more time and effort, reducing the time intended for teaching students. reducing teachers work hours Automating these tasks reduces teachers’ workload, allowing them to focus more of their efforts on teaching. Investing in a student management system is intended to help teachers cope with the repetitive tasks that may be processed automatically.

Most top-notch schools understand that adopting technology eases school administration for the teachers and students. SAFSMS is aimed at teachers reducing working hours and resources in order to be efficient and pay utmost attention to student performance.

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How SAFSMS helps

SAFSMS allows teachers input students’ scores according to subjects. Subject teachers can record and store scores securely reducing the possibility of loss and damage due to the usual paper-based method of storage. Subject teachers can also record student traits, allowing for close monitoring of student behavior.

Since SAFSMS is web-based, teachers can access the system to work on lesson plans and grading from anywhere, securely and at their convenience. Teachers can quickly send information regarding lessons, test dates and other noteworthy events to students using the SMS manager. This provides an easy way for the teachers to communicate to the students at any time.

The graphical reports compiled by SAFSMS allows teachers understand academic data of entire students that are useful for reviews, comparisons and appraisals. With our timetable manager you can easily create and edit your timetables at any time especially when last minute changes are made to lesson times and venues. Avoid timing errors as the manager calculates duration accurately and notifies users of any errors.

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