Why do schools need school management software? You know all the benefits of a school management software but how can you be sure you really need one? If two or more of the following apply to you, management software is just what you need to keep the running of your school on track:

why do schools need school management software?

  1.         Compiling error-free results takes too much valuable time

If compiling test or exam results is taking up your teachers’ time during the term and leaving them unfocused with little or no quality classroom time or classroom prep time, you need school management software ASAP. An integrated system like SAFSMS can automate the entire process accurately; all the teacher has to do is input grades.

  1.         You lose student records or can’t find them when you need to reference

Another issue most of our clients frequently mentioned before they started using management software was the struggle to manage data and records manually. It was usual for records of past and present students to get lost or become hard to keep track of. Switching to school management software can put all the information you need to run your school at your fingertips whenever you need it.

  1.         Staff is overwhelmed

If your teaching or admin staff are complaining about too much work or shortage of time and sleep due to work load, it could be because they are taking on some unnecessary jobs. Many of our clients, after getting SAFSMS, have commented that staff are now a lot more focused and less overwhelmed by avoidable ‘workload’.

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  1.         Timetable periods clash

As an administrator, the last thing you need is two teachers’ having conflicting class-periods or for one teacher to have two or more classes at once. In both cases, the students’ academics suffer. Most management software come with a time table feature which allows you to effectively plan class schedules more reasonably and avoid the complications of man-made errors.

  1.         Managing inventory doesn’t add up

One of the biggest problems with running any business where supplies are constantly needed e.g. in a school or restaurant, is keeping proper track of inventory. Supply and distribution of school uniforms, books and class materials can be coordinated simply down to every detail using the right management software.

7 Reasons Why Schools Need School Management Software

Free Infograph: 7 Reasons Why Schools Need School Management Software

  1.         Duplication of efforts and time wasting

How often do you spend going round a problem rather than actually tackling it? If this is the case more often than not then school management software will help to streamline responsibilities and curb wastage of time and resources.

  1.         Poor communication with parents


If you are currently communicating with parents through newsletters, communication books or plain old word of mouth, chances are high that your information is not being passed across properly or when it needs to be. Numerous studies have shown that parents of today find paper based communication from school burdensome and prefer digital communication from schools. So if you’re wondering how to improve parent engagement in your school?  Go digital.

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