When FGGC Bwari opted for SAFSMS, their main goal was to be able to manage man made errors during result computation, secure and manage both past and present student records for future referencing.

The Federal government girl’s college Bwari, was established in the 1980s with the aim of meeting the demand for girl child education in the Federal Capital Territory. It is a boarding school which is situated in the Bwari town of the FCT – it took off with a total number of 43 students, 8 teaching and 10 teaching staff – today it accommodates a total number of over 2,000 students and staff.

The Challenges faced

As in most cases, FGGC Bwari used the manual method to manage its school’s records. Hence, causing a lot of backlog and stress build-up for staff as they constantly used so much energy and time therefore causing a huge number of man made errors and delay in meeting deadlines.

Mr. Onoshiria David, Head of ICT suggested:

“When we were still using the manual system of doing things, it was very tedious for the teachers, it was so hectic that the end result of their work was always full of man made errors and in fact, students didn’t even get their results on time”.

Mr. Amos Oluwatosin said that the manual system was very hectic because at the time, a single broadsheet was used by all the teachers to enter results so before teachers got to have a hold of the sheet, it was almost impossible as some teachers went home with it thereby causing a huge delay due to the long wait.

“The manual system was chaotic because we used a single broadsheet all together and because of that, the broadsheet was usually displaced as some teachers went home with it – in fact there was no security at all because your subject results could be tampered with”

Mr. Oluwatosin expressed.

Impact of SAFSMS

Mr. David said that SAFSMS has brought so much comfort and satisfaction from both the school and parents as it has reduced stress, managed errors and allowed for a quicker distribution of results. 

Mr. David said:

My student’s records are now fully secure since SAFSMS has been designed to assign individual teachers with personal accounts so there is no way another teacher can have access to my account let alone tamper with my input” 

With reference to the challenges and how SAFSMS has been of help, Mr. Oluwatosin confirmed that with the implementation of SAFSMS, the teachers have been relieved of stress, record security has been ensured and time has been managed effectively thereby causing a huge improvement and maximum effectiveness as man hours have been reduced tremendously.

Now all the teachers have more time to do other things because with SAFSMS, all they have to do is input individual scores and the system does the grading, average, positioning and the rest”

Mr. Amos Oluwatosin, Senior Technical instructor

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